With our technology El Toro Verde makes an important contribution to achieving international climate goals.:

Our first production unit will annually remove around 11.000 tons of rubber waste from the environment. This will increase to around 100.000 tons of rubber waste annually after our planned expansion.

Around 46% of End-Off-Life tires are disposed of through incineration. Upon incineration, a passenger car tire releases 22 kg of CO2 and a truck tire emits 110 kg of CO2. Incineration of these 46% alone would mean up to 18 M tons of CO2 emissions. (*1)

Yearly about 17 M tons of tires become waste. Thus 7,82 M tons (46%) ELT’s count for these emissions, which is approximately 1,9 tons CO2 per ton rubber waste.

Although  EU legislation prevents disposal of through incineration, a lot of ELT’s are exported to regions with less control.
Besides that there is a great risk for tire fires like the fire in Spain in 2016. (*2)

Let’s assume that 25% of our feedstock would normally be burned, either by disposal of through incineration in other regions or by unwanted tire fires, then we save around 0,5 tons of CO2 per ton of rubber waste that we remove from the environment.

Application of Limonene saves about 1,514 tons of CO2 emissions per ton of Limonene used compared to the application of the current traditional oil-based alternatives.(*3)

Using rubber waste for producing carbon black as an alternative for using crude oil in the conventional furnace process has a tremendous positive environmental impact. In addition to saving 2 to 2,5 liters of crude oil per kg of carbon black it avoids about 4,8 ton CO2 emission per ton carbon black produced. (*4)

Traditional production of gaseous and liquid fuels from crude oil causes CO2 emissions. By using rubber waste as feedstock for our technology we save: (*5)

  • 0,494 Ton CO2 emissions per ton gaseous fuel.
  • 0,61 Kg CO2 emissions per liter green Fuel Oil.
  • 0,57 Kg CO2 emissions per liter green Diesel.
  • 0,46 Kg CO2 emissions per liter green Gasoline.

Our first production unit reduces CO2 emissions by 28.172 tons.

This corresponds to around 250 million car kilometers or 6.250 times around the world .

This corresponds to 1,4 million trees or 5.634 hectares of forest.

After expansion this reduction grows to 245.817 tons yearly from year 8.

This corresponds to 2,2 billion car kilometers or or almost 55.000 times around the world.

This corresponds to more than 12 million trees or almost 50.000 hectares of forest.

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