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In cooperation with the main inventor and taskforce of the involved Spanish University, we studied, investigated and explored technical & commercial fields of application to implement the 100% CO2 neutral, patented Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste and End-of-Life Tires technology.

For our efforts we have gained an exclusive license for commercial implementation of this patented technology.

We are committed and dedicated to address global challenges in regards to our environment with our patented Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste (CRPR) technology, which enables us to turn End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) and other rubber waste, into Limonene of high purity, Activated Carbon, Gasoline, Diesel & FuelOil for vessels.

In contrast to many other sustainable solutions our technology is very profitable.

We will turn Black into Green, step by step and tire by tire!

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Reducing world’s carbon footprints, cleaning up our environment and creating “Green Jobs”, by producing innovative high value and sustainable products from toxic rubber waste, is the main vision of El Toro Verde.


Our mission is to remove toxic waste like rubber and ELTs  from our environment and increase the value of such waste by using it as non-natural renewable source for the (CRPR) technology producing green Limonene, green commercial Active Carbon, green Gasoline, green Diesel and green Fueloil while having a beneficial impact on both the environment and the economy.

We are committed to address global challenges in regards to our environment:

  • Sustainable recycling of rubber waste has become a serious global challenge. End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) and industrial rubber waste is a serious environmental problem. Worldwide about 17 million tons and in the EU alone around 3.4 million tons of tires become waste each year, mostly incinerated, dumped or landfilled. These are a constant source of pollution and the fire risks are very high.
  • Solvent is one of the most commonly used products in the industry. The greatest amount of solvent is used for coatings and paints but also as ingredients of insecticides, adhesives and cleaning products. Due the emission of VOCs into the atmosphere and new laws and restrictions, the replacement of currently used solvents by greener, sustainable alternatives must become a fact in the coming years.
  • There is a growing demand for foods that are not treated with the traditional insecticides but with products that are not toxic to humans and pets nor harmful to gardening nor plants indoor nor for the environment and can be used in homes, offices and schools.
  • Worldwide there are continuous demands for cleaner production in enterprises in order to reduce the emissions of mercury, acid gases, metal and other hazardous air pollutants to meet certain standards for emissions of Western governments. Changing the production processes is very costly so to meet the requirements these industries will predominantly turn to filter and cleaning systems which use Activated Carbon.
  • Global consumption of liquid fuels will increase 38% by 2040 and fossil fuels must be replaced as much as possible with sustainable alternatives such as our green fuel.
  • Using rubber waste to produce liquid fuels instead of using crude oil in the conventional furnace process has a tremendous positive environmental impact.

From Black End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) & Rubber waste
to Green Limonene, Active Carbon, Gasoline, Diesel & FuelOil,
making the world healthier, tire by tire.


El Toro Verde has complied itself to the following short term objectives:

  • 2019: Start of preparation phase for the first CRPR plant.
  • 2020: Start second phase; construction of the plant.
  • 2021: The facility will be operative.
  • 2021: Start expanding capacity of the plant.

More long term objectives are:

  • 2022-2030:
    • Expanding this technology of Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste and ELTs (CRPR) further.
    • Building a manufacturing plant employing hundreds for pre-producing all needed installations.
  • Goal by 2030:
    • Realizing an overall direct or indirect total capacity of processing 150.000 t/year rubber waste.


With Distribution Rights in place and no serious competition, El Toro Verde has strong advantages and opportunities for turning this business model into a success story.

El Toro Verde is amenable to joint ventures with both existing and startup companies that can demonstrate technological and financial ability and where such collaborations would be mutually beneficial.

Interested parties can obtain an agreement for collaboration by contacting El Toro Verde.

Competitive Edge
There is no doubt that in time El Toro Verde  will become the global leader in emissions-free, low cost Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste systems for producing high purity green limonene, green active carbon and green fuels from non-natural renewable sources.
In the EU alone, a yearly recurring amount of about 3,4 million tons of tires, awaits further processing. This opens tremendously possibilities for El Toro Verde.
Without any doubt El Toro Verde will take leadership in eliminating such toxic waste, starting in Europe and expanding rapidly towards the rest of the world.

As El Toro Verde owns distribution rights of this technology there is nearly any competition towards implementing this CRPR technology.

There is no other technology available in the world that can be equally compared with this technology for Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste (CRPR) while producing high valuable products.

Limonene has acquired a special significance because of its demand as biodegradable solvent and is in wide use in the industry of household cleaning products, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Great advantage is application as non-toxic insecticide and his anti-cancer effects. There is a great demand for limonene with a purity of 90 – 98%.

The worldwide demand for Activated Carbon is about 2 million tons per year. Meeting high quality standards opens a tremendous market which does not require specific marketing.

Deregulation allows independent fuel producers to market their fuel in either way. The sale of liquid Fuels does not require any specific marketing, as it is a commoditized product.

El Toro Verde will undertake select market development programs and public relations campaigns. El Toro Verde will reach out to commercial and industrial players for cooperation.

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