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We will turn Black into Green, step by step and tire by tire!

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We are committed and dedicated to address global challenges in regards to our environment with our 100% CO2 neutral, Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste (CRPR) technology:

  • we remove toxic End-of-Life Tires and other rubber waste from our environment;
  • we convert this rubber waste into high value, sustainable products; Limonene of high purity, Activated Carbon, Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oil for vessels;
  • high purity Limonene is the sustainable alternative for solvents in coatings, paints and cleaning products;
  • Limonene meets the growing demand for non-toxic insecticides;
  • Limoneen replaces traditional products that cause high emission of VOCs into the atmosphere and are often toxic to humans and animals;
  • with respect to the used technology and level of innovation, we can safely state that there does not exist any plant in the world that is able to produce Limonene from waste products;
  • using rubber waste to produce Carbon Black is a sustainable alternative to meet the growing demand for activated carbon used in filter systems for air and water;
  • the conventional Carbon Black production process uses crude oil and has a tremendous negative environmental impact;
  • our green liquid fuels (Gasoline, Diesel & Fuel Oil) are chemically similar to traditional fuels and can be used in today’s tanks, pipelines, trucks, pumps and automobiles without changes;
  • global consumption of liquid fuels will increase 38% by 2040 and fossil fuels must be replaced as much as possible with sustainable alternatives such as our green fuel;
  • using rubber waste to produce liquid fuels instead of using crude oil in the conventional furnace process has a tremendous positive environmental impact;
  • our products allow companies to comply with increasingly stringent environmental laws.

We are eager to contribute to a cleaner world.

Are you going to join us?


With our technology El Toro Verde makes an important contribution to achieving international climate goals:

  • our first production unit will annually remove 11.000 tons of rubber waste from the environment;
  • after expansion to 9 units in 7 years, we eliminate 100.000 tons of rubber waste annually;
  • application of limonene saves 1,5 tons of CO2 emissions per ton of limonene used compared to the application of the current traditional oil-based alternatives;
  • we reduce CO2 emissions by 4,8 ton for every ton of carbon black produced;
  • we reduce CO2 emissions by 0,6 kg for every liter of fuel produced;
  • we reduce CO2 emissions by 0,5 ton of CO2 per ton of rubber waste;
  • our first production unit reduces CO2 emissions by 28.172 ton;
  • this corresponds to 250 million car kilometers;
  • this corresponds with 1,4 million trees which are 5.634 hectares of forest;
  • this reduction grows to 245.871 ton CO2 annually after planned expansion
  • this corresponds to 2,2 billion car kilometers;
  • this corresponds to more than 12 million trees which are almost 50.000 hectares of forest.

Social Responsibility

With our technology we will create green jobs:

  • our first production unit creates at least 40 green jobs;
  • the number of green jobs grows to 240 after planned expansion.


In contrast to many other sustainable solutions our technology is very profitable. Studies predict excellent revenues, profits and return on investments:

  • our first production unit has a start-up period of 2 years;
  • this production unit produces 2,6 million liter Limonene, 1.340 tons of Activated Carbon and 4,5 million liter Fuel Oil annually;
  • in the first 7 years we will grow from own resources to 9 production units; we then produce 14,6 million Liter limonene, 15.000 tons Activated Carbon, 17,5 million liter Diesel, 10,3 million liter Gasoline and 21 million liter of Fuel Oil;
  • a one-time external investment of € 17.000.000 is required for the start of the first production unit;
  • This corresponds to only € 12,14 per tree which we compensate with our CO2 reductions in the first production year;
  • in the first year of production (year 3 of the project) the profit will round up to approximately € 51.000.000;
  • this profit grows to more than € 330.000.000 after the planned expansions;
  • The external investment has a payback time of around 120 days in the first production year.


With our patented Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste and End-of-Life Tires (CRPR) technology we are able to recycle rubber waste and End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) in a sustainable and renewable way into products with high added value.

From the environmental point of view, it is important to mention that products or recycled materials and/or obtained results from our technology fully comply with European legislation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), resulting in healthy products that are safe for the environment, meeting the objectives of the circular economy.

The implementation of our technology allows certifying according to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9000 and 14000, which determines our industrial facility as a “zero emission plant” in environmental perspective.

According to the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) waste has a zero carbon footprint. Since rubber waste is the feedstock for our CRPR technology and the fact that the installation is a zero emission plant, all products produced are classified as sustainable, renewable and green products.


We remove toxic rubber waste from our environment transform such waste into high-quality environmental improving products.

  • worldwide about 17 million tons and in EU alone 3,4 million tons of tires turn into rubber waste each year;
  • tires are a breeding ground for mosquitoes – an ever alarming issue with the rise of the West Nile Virus;
  • tires have potential for tire fires which produce acid smoke harmful to humans and the environment as well it leaves behind an oily residue; tire fires are not extinguishable and in some instances burn for several weeks;
  • tires take up landfill space and land is becoming more and more scarce;
  • tires in landfills have led to worker injury and death.


During our CRPR process different fractions are obtained from the rubber waste and separated. These fractions needs further treatment such as purification, resulting in a facility that will eliminate toxic waste, with the consequential environmental benefits, producing a various high value sustainable products.

Green Limonene

The liquid fraction (rubber-derived oil) from our CRPR technology will be processed for separation and purification of our important product Limonene. Our Green Limonene will have a purity up to 98%.

Green Activated Carbon

The Pyrolysis reactor is provided with overflows for the extraction of the solid product of the process, Carbon Black. Activation treatment of the carbon black develops the specific surface >= 1000 m2 / gr. that classifies our product as Green Activated Carbon of commercial quality.

Green Liquid Fuel

The other fraction in the pyrolysis oil that is separated with our technology can be characterized as Liquid Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oil). Treatment by additivity and stabilization allow to obtain approved and homologated fuels for automobiles and vessels.


El Toro Verde has all options in place to start with the production of green LimoneneActivated Carbon, green Diesel,  Gasoline and FuelOil by means of our patented Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis of Rubber waste and End-of-Life Tires (CRPR).

We can set up our technology in two ways. That is why we distinguish two types of production units. The production unit type I produces Limonene, Activated Carbon & Fuel Oil.  With the production unit type II we produce Diesel, Gasoline & Activated Carbon.

Because limoneen is economic and environmental a more valuable product we will start with the implementation of production unit type I.

Subsequent to the startup of the first plant we will start expansion. The expansion will be financed out our profits, keeping the excellent ROI (Retun on Investment) for the initial investor(s) intact.

We can roughly divide the initial startup with the implementation of production unit type I in two phases:

  1. Preparation. Will last up to 15 months maximum and will start as soon as possible.
  2. Construction. Will last up to 15 months maximum. This phase will start in the 4th quarter of the 1st year of the project. Preparation and construction phase will have an overlap of approximately 6 months.

Subsequent to phase 2, in the third year of the project, the production will start.

Also in the first production year (year 3) we start expanding. We plan to have 5 expansions.

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